3D origami valentine heart with text LOVE tutorial instruction

Video description

Shows a detailed stepwise assembly heart with an inscription in the center 3D origami. Such a heart it's a great romantic gift for the New Year or Valentine's Day.

This will help valentines surprise your darling, because something made with your own hands, is always appreciated, as put it in your soul!

We need: 107 red, 7 yellow, 12 purple, orange 9, 12 pink and white 193 triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

1st row: 1 red

2nd row: 2 red

3rd row: red, white, red

4th row: red, 2 white, red

5th row: red, 3 white, red

6th row: red, 4 white, red

7th row: red, 5 white, red

by analogy continue make rows until in the center will not be 12 white pieces

red, 3 yellow, 3 purple, 2 white, orange, white, 3 pink, red

red, yellow, 2 white, purple, 2 white, purple, white, 2 orange, white, pink, 2 white, red

Red, white, yellow, 2 white, purple, white, purple, white, orange, white, orange, 4 pink, red

2 red, yellow, 2 white, purple, 2 white, purple, orange, 2 white, orange, pink, 2 white, 2 red

Red, white, yellow, 2 white, 3 purple, orange, 3 white, orange, pink 3, red

2 red, 14 white, 2 red

red, white 7, red, white 7, red

2 red, 6 white, 2 red, 6 white, 2 red.

red, 6 white, 3 red, 6 white, red

2 red, 5 white, 4 red, 5 white, 2 red

Making the top slice of the heart: 2 red, 4 white, 2 red

2 red, 3 white, 2 red

2 red, 2 white, 2 red

5 red

4 red

Similarly make other slice heart

And now you know how to make a valentine heart with text LOVE, with their hands in the art 3D origami. If you want to - consider this video master class for the assembly of the heart with text LOVE.

See how to make a great valentines heart and other options in our playlist.

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